The club is such a well-oiled machine that there really wasn’t much to hash out at this week’s Board meeting. Probably the most exciting thing you’re going to find in this missive is the renewal form (on the back). I’m just sayin’ . . .

Next up on the club calendar is the Club Championship which will be played August 21 and 28. Reecy has a list of members who are eligible, so check and see if you “made the cut” – you have to have played a certain number of weeks (but don’t ask me what that number is).

And don’t forget our Invitational on October 16! This is a great opportunity to invite your friends, neighbors, and ladies from other clubs to enjoy our beautiful course. Sign up by October 3.

Reecy also reported on the PW Team Play competition – which found the BV team W A Y down the list, but definitely not at the bottom. However, it was a beautiful day out at Bodega Harbor and a good time was had by all. End of story.

Sandy Davis reported that the North Bay Invitational Tournament coming up on August 11 at Eagle Vines has 144 players signed up, which is great! Sounds like it will be a very fun day. Their next playday is on September 8 at Bodega Harbor.

If you’ve noticed your handicap has gone down – I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the course has been re-rated which has resulted in a lowering of handicaps. And I thought I was doing so well!!!

Sunshine Jan Gullarian reported that she had sent cards to Barbara Weding, who is recovering very nicely (she’s playing golf!) from a heart attack, Ernie Sawyer who recently lost her husband, and Marie Richter who had knee replacement surgery this spring. Our thoughts go out to Ernie, and we’re so happy Marie and Barbara are doing so well. Judy Kilgore recently had surgery also and it was good to see her back out playing today.

Rita Gallo is going to be leaving the area so not only will she be missed on the golf course, but she’ll be missed as our Club Secretary. However . . . Lynn Wetjen has “volunteered” to step in and fill her shoes, or notebook, or whatever. Rita will be coming back to town occasionally and will most likely not be able to stay away from BVGC on Thursday mornings.

I have nothing else to say.

Marcy Murphy


Well, we had a Board meeting the other day, and there really wasn’t all that much that you probably care about hearing, other than the fact that your Board is working hard to make the league run smoothly (pat pat pat).

Along the lines of “running smoothly,” Reecy wants everyone to pay attention to the pace of your play – keep up with the group in front of you at all times. If you see that your group is getting behind, as you putt out, go to the next tee box and hit, whether everyone in your group is through putting or not. If the problem gets worse, penalties may be incurred! Obviously if you’re in a foursome and the group ahead of you is a threesome, they’re going to get a bit ahead of you – just be aware!

Wanna Help??? The Bennett Valley Invitational is coming up on October 16, and if you would like to help out, please contact Reecy – this could include putting together the goodie bags, arranging for the lunch, etc. I’m sure there’s something that would be just perfect for you to do!

We have 2 new members joining recently: Nancy Titone and Tina Neustel. Welcome, ladies!

PW News: There’s a playday in Ukiah on June 23, $53 including lunch. There’s a sign up sheet on our board. The August playday will be at Vintner’s in Yountville, not at Windsor as it says in your book. Rumor has it that Vintner’s is a very nice course – 9 holes, but still challenging. September is Hidden Valley in Lake County, and here at BV in October.

North Bay News: Next up is at Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo on June 23 (email folks received a flyer about that), nothing in July, then Eagle Vines in August and Bodega in September.

We have a new Board member to welcome – Helen Howard has agreed to take over the duties of Club Historian from Ellie Appleton.

In other Board news, Captain Marie Richter requested that the $50 Captain’s gift, which is given at the Christmas luncheon, be eliminated, at least during her term. It’s her decision to make, so the club just got $50 richer (until we elect a new Captain anyway)!

It appears I neglected to put the results of the Fall 2013 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP in the newsletter. (Feel free to fire me immediately!!) Believe it or not, Reecy is our Champion, but these ladies are all winners too:

Championship Flight:        1st Low Gross:        Cherie Brannon
1st Low Net:        Sandy Davis
2nd Low Gross:    Nancy Kennedy
2nd Low Net:        Sandy Kaufman

First Flight:            1st Low Gross:        Judy Early
1st Low Net:        Lynn Imbs
2nd Low Gross:    Marie Delganes
2nd Low Net:        Angela Johnson

Second Flight:            1st Low Gross:        Pat Sampson
1st Low Net:        Cathy Beck
2nd Low Gross:    Rita Gallo
2nd Low Net:        Judy Jones

Third Flight:            1st Low Gross:        Marcy Murphy (yay!)
1st Low Net:        Libby Stillman
2nd Low Gross:    Phyllis Bogart
2nd Low Net:        Nita Van Meter
Congratulations to everyone!!

And the results of the Spring Ec are below. The Spring Tournament was cancelled due to lack of participation – only 6 ladies signed up. Shame on you!

Spring Ec:
1st Flight:    Pat Sampson
2nd Flight:    Lynn Imbs
3rd Flight:    Kathi Hack
4th Flight:    Bev Guanella

Se habla Español?  Member Kim Hollaway and her husband are putting together a golf trip to Mexico – there will be flyers in the Clubhouse, but here’s the information:

Date: February 11-18, 2015.
Place: Marival Residences & World Luxury Resort, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Non-stop flight with ILT on Sun Country Air out of SF (2 checked bags are free)
Cost: $1,698 PP (all meals included, unlimited drinks, two-room luxury suite)
GOLF is an additional $289 for 3 rounds (incl. shared cart, green fees, range balls)
Any questions, call Kim Hollaway/Dave Vinson, 707-888-5813 or

That’s it from me for now. Enjoy a summer of golfing – and volunteer to help out with the Invitational!

As always, if you aren’t receiving this via email and would like to, send me your email address at and put MY email address in your address book (so I don’t wind up in the trash).

Marcy Murphy


If you were there, and you certainly should have been, you don’t need me to tell you how nice the Christmas Luncheon was – a great big THANK YOU to Maureen Rabellino!

The top news stories from the Luncheon: The 2013 Most Improved Golfer – and she received a lovely gift! – was Cathy Romero. And the winner of the Most Birdies for the year was Cherie Brannon with 12. Congratulations to you both – way to go! There was some other money passed out for birdies, but I didn’t get any so wasn’t really paying attention.

Pat Sampson and Barbara Weding were recognized for their 11 years(!) of service as Handicap Chairs and trying to get us to do what we’re supposed to do – rather like herding cats, I expect. That baton has now been passed to Nancy Kennedy so we can expect to hear her telling us to POST, and SIGN THE SCORECARDS, and just kind of DO WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO.

Last week is the first time I’ve played since the new tees on 2, 12 and 17 have been up and running – certainly seems like a long trek from the green on 11 to the tee box on 12! I’m just sayin’ . . . Anyway, be aware that the three new tee boxes are in play, and those three holes are no longer par 5s – they’re now par 4s. However, you may also notice that there are some other new tee boxes being constructed, but we will NOT be using those. And on 10 we will continue to use the raised tee box that we’ve been using. repeat... the only changed tee boxes that we will be using are on holes 2, 12 and 17. The BV regular score cards do not reflect the change from a Par 75 to a Par 72, but Reecy has been printing up cards for us to use that do reflect this. And by the way – the course is in excellent shape, so come on out!

PWGA: Reecy reported that the PW Tournament of Champions will be held on April 28 at Eagle Vines, and anyone is welcome to follow the field. Price is $80 including lunch, so if you’re interested check with Diane Cook or Reecy or look on the bulletin board. The next PW Playday is May 19 at Fountaingrove. Again, check the bulletin board.

If you are a member of multiple clubs, in order to get the rebate from PWGA you now must apply ON LINE between March 1st and September 30th. The website is: You will need to know the club number of each of the clubs you are a member of – BV number is 28006103.

North Bay: Sandy Davis reminds everyone that if you have joined North Bay, there are books for you in the drawer. This year’s schedule looks like some good courses – Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo, Northwood, Eagle Vines, and Bodega Bay. Sandy says they’re trying to keep the prices down this year – most events are in the $60-65 range and include green fees, cart and lunch. Pretty good deal! Check the bulletin board.

Membership: We have three new members who have joined in the last few months: Diane Sullivan, Rebecca Jones and Kim Hollaway. Welcome ladies!

Sunshine: Jan Gullarian reported that Ellie Appleton has had a knee replacement and we wish her a speedy recovery. Pat Gooler’s mother and cousin passed away, and Joye Benck’s sister/Gerry Martin’s granddaughter passed away – our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. Also former member Betty Mathews has passed away – I always enjoyed playing with her and have missed her out on the course the last few years.

 Historian: This position is currently open, and if you have an interest in documenting the glorious “doings” of this group, talk to Marie Richter.

If you’ve changed your email address, let me know – I’ve gotten some returned emails recently.

As always, if you aren’t and would like to receive this via email, please email me at If you’re not getting this via email, please know that you may be missing out on special announcements/last minute reminders that get sent out to the email list.

Marcy Murphy


The sound of the stampede of all you ladies coming in to the General Meeting last week
and trying to find seats was deafening. NOT! To me that says one of two things – either
you all think the Board is doing such a wonderful job that you couldn’t possibly improve
on it with your input . . . or you don’t really give a darn. I think I know which one it is,
but I’m going with the Board doing a wonderful job!

Speaking of the Board, the officers for next year are pretty much the same as this year.
The only changes: Rita Gallo will be Secretary, and Nancy Kennedy will be Handicap
Chair. There will be a quiz later to see if you know who the other Board members are.
Reecy reported on the Invitational. It was well received, and we even made a little bit of money! The money
from the sale of mulligans was given to the Montgomery High girls who helped with getting the carts set up
and carrying bags. We received a very nice letter thanking us for our support.

Speaking of Reecy, she played in the PWGA Helen Lengfeld tournament in October down in Carmel, and
came home with a really BIG trophy! Congratulations, Reecy!

Jan Gullarian (our own Little Miss Sunshine!) reported that she had sent cards to Judy Kilgore and Sandy
Kaufman who have lost spouses. Our hearts and thoughts go out to you both. Judy asked me to include a
note in here thanking everyone for all the calls and cards she received.

On a happier note – Jan reported that she saw Shirley Smith recently and that she looks wonderful, and says
she feels great too! She said she’d even be back playing golf except her back just won’t let her. And Ellie
Appleton is recovering from knee replacement surgery – hopefully she (and her camera!) will be back with
us soon!

Sandy Davis reported on the North Bay schedule for next year, which will be included in your 2014 books.
She also said that there will be a “casual playday” at Pacific Grove April 13-14-15, which won’t be in the
book so watch the bulletin board after the first of the year.

Also after the first of the year the “youngsters” among us will no longer be able to play at the senior rate.
Non-seniors will pay $24, seniors will remain at $19. As you’ve probably noticed, work has been
progressing on the new women’s tee boxes on holes 2, 12 and 17. The course has been re-rated so I suspect
that the new tee boxes will be up and running after the first of the year.

WELCOME! We have 4 new members for 2014: Joan Seliga, Carole Paynter, Catherine (Cat) Petru and
Sunny Kim. Nice to have you with us, ladies!

Christmas Luncheon: Please fill out and return (WITH YOUR CHECK!) the Christmas Luncheon
reservation that is included with this newsletter (and is also in your little yellow book). The cost including
lunch, tax and tip is $23. The date is Thursday, December 12 at Legends – 11:30 a.m. to 12:00, no host
cocktails in the Legends main bar, lunch served 12:15-1:30. Include your menu choice on your reservation
TriTip with burgundy mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables – OR
Chicken with artichoke cream sauce, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables – OR
Vegetarian option – Penne pasta with pesto cream sauce
All luncheon choices include Caesar salad, rolls and butter, New York style cheesecake, coffee and/or tea.
Mail your form and check to Maureen Rabellino, 3853 Crestview Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95403. Make check
payable to BVWGC – DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 1st!!!

As always, if you aren’t and would like to receive this via email, please email me at If
you’re not getting this via email, please know that you may be missing out on special announcements/last
minute reminders that get sent out to the email list.

Marcy Murphy

                   AUGUST 2013 NEWSLETTER

We had a Board meeting yesterday, but it was short and sweet so not a lot for me to pass on to you. I’ll try to make this as exciting as I can.

Reecy reported that we’ve been having a very good turnout of members playing so far this year – good for all of you who are showing up!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you come out to play. First of all, be sure to fill out one of those little slips with your name, date and handicap when you’re paying your money. They may look little, but they’re important!

And when you’ve completed your round, PLEASE get your score cards (2 of them, signed by all players!) turned in to Reecy in A TIMELY MANNER. It is actually written in our Rules of Play (page 12 of your handy dandy little book): “Score cards turned in more than 20 minutes after prior foursome will be assessed a two stroke penalty per person.” I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t need any extra strokes tacked on to my score. Reecy hasn’t been doing this – but she can! And FYI: the dollar store sells calculators for, get this . . . a dollar! So get one and put it in your golf bag so you can zip through that addition and subtraction stuff.

Something else that we talked about (actually at the last meeting but I forgot to put it in the newsletter): Since most of us aren’t able to drive the green on Hole #8, in order to speed up play if you don’t think you’re a threat to the ladies on the green, go ahead and tee off. And the group on the green should be aware of the group behind, and keep an eye out for that “one great shot.”

We have a new member: Joyce Saxton, 2250 Warwick Dr., SR 95405, 559-967-8575. Welcome Joyce!

Membership Renewal Form – there’s also one in your book (Page 26). Please note that dues are DUE SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 – OCTOBER 15, 2013. I know this is a bit early, but this is the last newsletter before that, so write a note on your wall or something to remember – or heck, just write a check and put it in the mail now. You will not be penalized for paying early!

 Unfortunately, our team that went to the PWGA Team Play Qualifying at Eagle Vines a couple weeks ago didn’t do too well, so they won’t be moving on to the Team Play Finals. The next PW Playday is August 19 at Northwood, 18 holes – $35 to walk, $45 to ride. Watch the board for upcoming events for both PW and North Bay.

The next North Bay event is the Carmen Waidman Tour on August 12 at Mare Island. Sandy Davis reported that there are 136 players signed up, and it should be a very memorable day – even the Press Democrat will be covering it! Hope some ladies from BVWGC will be taking part.

Marie Richter read the letter that she and Nancy Kennedy sent to the City of Santa Rosa supporting Bob and the staff at the course for the fine job they’re doing. It was a great letter – thanks, Marie and Nancy! – and we got an appreciative response from the new Parks and Rec Director (I can’t remember her name).

As always, if you aren’t and would like to receive this via email, please email me at If you’re not getting this via email, please know that you may be missing out on special announcements/last minute reminders that get sent out to the email list but because of time constraints don’t get mailed.

Marcy Murphy


                          FALL 2012 NEWSLETTER

 This is going to be a short and sweet newsletter – mostly dealing with the upcoming Christmas luncheon.

 We had a Board meeting today and I have several things to yell at you all about, but it doesn’t seem right to do that at the same time that I’m talking about the Christmas luncheon, so I’ll save the scolding for spring. I think most of you are probably about done golfing for the year anyway.

 Speaking of today’s meeting, it was a GENERAL MEETING for election of officers. Fortunately there was a quorum of the Board because not a single member showed up to take part in the process. It’s in your book, ladies, along with the schedule of the games we play and tournaments. There I go . . . scolding.

 The slate of officers for 2013 will be the same as 2012 except for Captain and Co-Captain. Marie Richter will be our Captain, Maureen Rabellino will be Co-Captain. Thank you, ladies, for stepping up and helping out.

 Jan Gullarian reported that she sent a sympathy card to the family of Fairy Adams who passed away recently. Fairy was part of our group for many years, although she had not been active in recent years.

 We have 5 new members to welcome: Cathy Beck, Linda Behler, Judy Early, Evelina Peritore and Catherine Westover. Welcome, ladies, and we all look forward to meeting you on the course!

 Now for the reason I’m even doing this – the Christmas luncheon. The date is Thursday, December 13 at Legends at Bennett Valley Golf Course. The menu:

     Caesar Salad

     Choice of:   Grilled Chicken with Artichoke Cream Sauce, Vegetable, Potato

Tri Tip, Vegetable, Potato

Vegetarian Lasagne

     Coffee, Tea, and Dessert (TBD - but they’re always good!)

 The cost is $25. Please get your money and your luncheon choice to Sally by December 1st. There is a form in your member book, and I have also included one on the back of this (if you’re getting it in the mail) or below (if you’re getting it via email).


Happy Holidays!

 Marcy Murphy




             by:  Marcy Murphy    Email:

Just came back from a Board meeting – it was really great fun! Those of you who haven’t tried a Board position, this is your year!! Both the Captain and Co-Captain positions are open for 2013, and contrary to popular belief, there’s not that much involved with either one of them. The Captain runs the meetings (4 times a year, so no biggie) and the Co-Captain makes the arrangements for the
Christmas luncheon. How hard can this be, you guys – so step up and take an active role in your club.

DUES, DUES, DUES, how do we love thee . . .
Some of you (those lucky enough to receive stuff from me via email) already know that there was a “possibility” dues would be increasing. Yup, they are, so below is a new renewal form for you  to use RIGHT NOW to get that check in the mail (or you can use the one in your book – just change the amount from $50.00 to $56.00).

New Member: We have a new member for you to enter into your book, and to welcome:
Teri Williams, 1918 Geary Drive, Santa Rosa 95404.

REMINDER: There will be a PW Playday at Bennett Valley on October 22. Check board for signup information.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP is now just a memory. Believe it or not, Reecy is our Champion! But these ladies are all winners too:

Championship Flight: 1st Low Gross: Haekyung Hong
1st Low Net: Marie Delagnes
2nd Low Gross: Jean Montague
2nd Low Net: Nancy Kennedy
First Flight: 1st Low Gross: Angela Johnson
1st Low Net: Darlene Bath
2nd Low Gross: Charlene Buchold
2nd Low Net: Letty House
Second Flight: 1st Low Gross: Joye Benck
1st Low Net: Pat Gooler
2nd Low Gross: Judy Kilgore
2nd Low Net: Nita VanMeter
Congratulations to everyone!!

NORTH BAY: The North Bay Tournament that was held at Bennett Valley in August was a great success. The last tournament of the year will be played at Foxtail North in Rohnert Park on October 15.

BENNETT VALLEY INVITATIONAL is almost full, so if you’d like to play on October 4, get a team of 4 together, or just get in touch with Reecy if you don’t have a team and she can probably fix you up. Deadline is Wednesday, September 19 – so hurry! It’s great to have such a wonderful response on our first try.

YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS!! Your illustrious Board has made a decision regarding those silly temporary greens. Granted, this will only matter on a few days during the year, but what the heck – it’s a great idea. When your ball lands on the temporary green (I don’t mean sanded green, but temporary green), putt once and if it doesn’t go in the hole, pick it up and count it as a two putt.

HANDICAP REPORT: Pat announced that 2013 will be the last year that she and Barb will be doing handicap – so please be thinking about taking this on. Anyone with the slightest interest should talk to Pat and Barb – I’m pretty sure it’s not as scary as you probably think it is.

And that’s all I’ve got for now!

Marcy Murphy

As always, if you’re not receiving this through cyberspace and would like to, along with getting
other tidbits of knowledge that I may send out from time to time, email me at and I’ll put you on the list. Be sure to put my name and email address in
your email address book to make sure the newsletter doesn’t get sent to “junk mail.” I hate it
when that happens!


Your illustrious Board gathered a couple weeks ago for a meeting – it was pretty short and sweet so I don’t really have a lot to share with you. But before I get to that, Darlene Bath mentioned what
great shape the course is in – and she’s right . . . so hope everyone is getting out and enjoying it as much as possible.

I know this is only June, BUT you need to write this down somewhere – the date for our Christmas luncheon has been changed to December 13. I’ll remind you again, but write it down now anyway, and make the change in your book.
And please, ladies, if you want to attend the luncheon (and you should!), when the time comes you need to sign up for it – and pay for it! Last year we had some ladies “just show up” without a reservation, and without sending in any money. The Club covers part of the cost of the luncheon, but not all of it, plus the restaurant needs to know how many lunches to prepare.

We have three new members to welcome to our merry little band . . . YAY!
Nancy Blatt (P.O. Box 3190, SR 95402) joined in March,
Rita Gallo (2073 Stonefield Ln, SR 95403) joined in April
Teri Williams (1918 Geary Dr., SR 95404) joined in June.

Welcome, ladies – hope you will enjoy your Thursday mornings on our lovely course!

Oh joy . . . apparently PW is raising dues (who isn’t?) from $26 to $32. It’s been quite a while since the last dues
increase so it’s not terribly unexpected. Your Board voted against the dues increase, but, well, we’ll see how far that gets us . . . You’ll hear more about this in the coming months.

Be sure to check out our bulletin board for upcoming PW and North Bay play dates and events. There is a North Bay playday at Bennett Valley in August – there seems to be some question about whether it’s August 6 or August 13, so check the bulletin board.

Bennett Valley is fielding a team consisting of Reecy Casamajor, Nancy Kennedy, Cherie Brannon and Kathy Romero for the PW Team Play Tournament. This year qualifying is July 9 at Mare Island . . . Go Team!!

As you may (or may not) know, the Spring Ec was cancelled due to the rather Winter-like Spring we had. However
Spring did eventually arrive and the Spring Tournament was not far behind, and if you’re keeping track of this kind of stuff, here are the lucky winners:
      Low Net:   Phyllis Bogart        135
    1st Flight:   Reecy Casamajor   139
    2nd Flight:  Lynn Davis             144
    3rd Flight:  Kathy Hack             144
The results of the 2 Week/2 Best Ball Tournament are also in, as follows:
1st Flight,  1st Place: Sandy Kaufman, Nancy Kennedy, Darlene Bath, Sally Brasseur        258
                  2nd Place: Barbara Levy, Jean McVeigh, Carol Bade, Haekyung Hong             264
                  3rd Place: Pat Sampson, Barbara Weding, Charlene Buchold, Gabby Scaglia   269

2nd Flight,1st Place: Candy Patocka, Phyllis Bogart, Judy Jones, Cheri Brannon              252
                 2nd Place: Ellie Appleton, Lettie House, Reecy Casamajor, Lil Peterson          254
                 3rd Place: Marie Delagnes, Nita Van Meter, Sandy Davis, Judy Kilgore              272

Reecy gave a short report on our “Invitational – Guest Day” which is scheduled for October 4. The committee seems to be moving forward nicely with their plans. They haven’t yet decided on the format – if you have any ideas, please talk to Reecy. She’d like to keep it pretty simple to avoid mass confusion. Also the committee may be asking to borrow some husbands to help with getting bags to carts in the morning so feel free to volunteer your spouse!

Rules, Rules, Rules – without them, chaos:  This from Darlene Bath, our Rules Chair: “I was gently reminded recently about  ‘rearranging’ the golf ball on the putting green. One should place a marker down before touching the ball in anyway. This information can be found in Rule 16.” And you all have a Rule Book, right??

Board Vacancies: We’re gonna have ‘em, so please be thinking about taking a more active role in your club.
Sandy Kaufman will be stepping down as Captain at the end of the year, and Sally Brasseur will be stepping down as Co-Captain. Both of these ladies have been on the Board for what I’m sure seems to them like forever . . . and actually comes close to it – my research, and don’t quote me on this, shows Sally since 1999, Sandy since 2001.

Sadly, Jean McVeigh lost her husband this spring, and Maureen Rabellino lost her mother – our hearts and thoughts
are with you both.

Fore! (Or, the way I’ve been golfing, . . . Seven!)

Marcy Murphy    

And, as always, if you’re not receiving this through cyberspace and would like to, email me at and I’ll put you on the list. Be sure to put my name and email address in your email address book to make sure the newsletter doesn’t get sent to “junk mail.” I hate it when that happens!

                                                                                             If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.
                                                                                                                          –Dean Martin


I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been out on the golf course for quite awhile, but while strolling through Trader Joe’s one weekend in January, I ran in to one of our quasi-dependable members who said it’s been quite nice out there. What’s not to like – no rain, and cold mornings so you can sleep later before heading out! However, we do need more rain – just watch, as soon as I’m ready to go, spring will turn into winter!

(I wrote the above paragraph back in February – it’s now mid-March and almost officially Spring and it appears that Winter has arrived. – and I’m ready to start   golfing. Can I call it, or what?!)

We had a good turnout for the Christmas luncheon, and for those of you who didn’t come – shame on you! Speaking for myself, my lunch was very tasty – and it seemed like the other ladies at our table were pleased also. Thank you, Sally, for a job well done! (She didn’t actually do the cooking, but . . . well, you know what I mean.)

And congratulations to our 2011 Most Improved Golfer Nancy Kennedy! Way to go, Nancy!

So now that we’ve congratulated, let’s welcome . . . we have a new member joining us this year – Lynda Angell, 4055 Alta Vista Ave., Santa Rosa 95404 (in case you want to write that down in your little greenish-yellowish book). And while you have your book open, we have a member who has renewed a bit late so she’s not in there, but she will be if you write this down: Satiawatie Rangila, 122 Calistoga Rd., #105, Santa Rosa 95409.

There was a Board meeting on March 8, but not a whole lot to report since there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. The Board did vote to pay the fee for the Club to field a team in the PW Team Competition – qualifying will be July 9 at Mare Island. So if you wanna . . . think about it.

The first North Bay Tournament is May 7 at Hidden Valley in Middletown. Sandy Davis, the North Bay Representative for BVWGC,  will have information posted – and all the tournament dates are listed in your little greenish-yellowish book which, if you weren’t at the Christmas luncheon to pick up your copy, you’ll find in “our drawer” that’s by “our table.”. I’ve never taken part in a North Bay event, but Sandy says they’re a bit more relaxed than the PW events so if you’ve been reluctant – give it a try.

We’ve had some members who have “gone under the knife” (or laser, as the case may be), but all seem to be doing well – Ellie Appleton had cataract surgery, Maureen Rabellino had surgery to fuse her ankle, and Reecy is recovering from surgery to repair tendons in her foot. Look forward to seeing you all back on the course soon! (After the rain.)

Reecy was asked for a progress report on plans for our “Guest Day – Invitational” on October 4. She has had 5 people sign up to be on her committee, and so far . . . that’s her report. Anyone interested in helping out or with ideas for the event, please get in touch with Reecy.

The Monday evening BV league has arranged for a Trunk Show (in case you need parts for your elephant) in the Pro Shop on April 2 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. There will be several vendors displaying and selling their golf clothing and accessories. Items ordered will be delivered May 15th. Some merchandise will be available for purchase that evening. Pro Shop Gift Cards can be used to pay for your purchase. Vendors: Cutter & Buck, Adidas, Imperial Headwear, Ashworth (and maybe more!). This is a great opportunity to find some new golf duds that actually fit!

Rules: Our new Rules know-it-all is Darlene Bath, who swears she doesn’t know it all! But she sent this information about a new rule this year:

Rule 13-4 Ball in Hazard; Prohibited Actions (we know the rule about sand traps, right?);
“Exceptions 2 Rule 13-4 is amended to permit a player to smooth sand or soil in a  hazard at any time, including before playing from that hazard, provided it is for the sole purpose of caring for the course and Rule 13-2 is not breached.”

OK, for those of you who don’t actually “speak golf,” what we believe it’s basically saying is that you can rake as long as you’re not raking in the area of the ball flight. So if you walk across the sand trap to pick up the rake, you can rake as you’re going back to your ball, but not the area between the ball and the direction you’re going to be hitting the ball.

And if you would like to learn to “speak golf” like a native, Darlene would like everyone to know that the new Rules of Golf 2012-2015 are now out and available at your favorite golf shop . . . or somewhere.

That’s it for me, for now. See you on the course! (After the rain.)

Marcy Murphy    

And, as always, if you’re not receiving this through cyberspace and would like to, email me at and I’ll put you on the list.



    Our General Membership meeting was held on October 27th with election of   
    two replacement officers for next year’s Board:

      Rules Chair:      Darlene Bath
     Publicity Chair: Judy Jones
     We thank Pat Chace and Shirley Smith for their past contributions in these
    positions. The remainder of the Board will be the same as 2010.

Now on to REALLY important stuff – the Christmas Luncheon! The date, as you all know because you pay close attention to these things and read your “book,” is December 8 at Legends. The menu will be: French Onion Soup, followed by a choice of Grilled Chicken with Artichoke Cream Sauce and Mashed Potatoes OR Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes OR Penne Pasta with Sundried Tomato Pesto. Dessert: Cheesecake. And coffee and tea.

The Club will help with the expense of the lunch, so you get a lovely lunch with all your golfing friends for only $20! (That’s cheaper than playing golf!) There is a reservation form in the back of your “book,” and I’m also including one in this. Be sure to get this form with your luncheon choice and your check back to Sally Brasseur NO LATER THAN November 27, 2011.

Our final “major” of the year, The Captain’s Cup, was held in October, and the Overall Champion: Lynn Davis, with a Net 143. Congratulations, Lynn!! Winners from each flight were as follows:
1st Flight:    Haekyung Hong                150
2nd Flight:    Sandy Davis                     152
3rd Flight:    Tie – Marcy Murphy
                             and Joye Benck      145

Congrats to all the winners!

And the winning just keeps on going. We had good participation for the Fall EC, with winners for each flight being:
1st Flight:    Tie – Haekyung and Charlene Buchold        57
2nd Flight:           Pat Sampson                                        59
3rd Flight:           Marcy Murphy (yay!)                            52
4th Flight:           Judy Kilgore                                         55
5th Flight:           Phyllis Bogart                                       57

Bennett Valley Women’s Golf Club is planning an “Invitational Guest Day” on October 4, 2012. This is a wonderful opportunity to show the rest of the local golfing world what a gem we have here at BV. However (there’s always a “however”), in order for this to work we’re going to need you to help. Reecy has a sign-up sheet for the planning committee so if you’d like to support your club in this way, please see Reecy. But never fear, even if you’re not on the planning committee, there will be lots of ways for you become involved so let’s all plan to work together to make this a great event!

One last thing from our Handicap ladies Pat Sampson and Barbara Weding – PLEASE put handicaps on the scorecards. As I see it, this shouldn’t be that difficult. They’re posted on the wall– look on the list, copy the number down. And also be sure to add up the front and back nine scores on your cards – how do you post if you don’t?? That puzzles me . . .

This is it from me for 2011, so Happy Holidays to everyone! Don’t forget to send in your luncheon reservation form and $20 check before November 27.

Marcy Murphy    

And, as always, if you’re not receiving this through cyberspace and would like to, email me at and I’ll put you on the list.  



There was a Board Meeting on September 8, and I was asked to remind everyone of a
few things. First, the maximum handicap that we play to in the BVWGC is 40. That means that even if you have a 45 handicap, you put 40 down on your Sweeps slip that you fill out and on your scorecard. And if it’s a half-handicap game that we’re playing, you use 20.

Secondly, Sally wants to be sure everyone realizes that the Christmas Luncheon is NOT covered by your dues, although the Club does kick in a little bit. Information about the luncheon (menu and cost) should be available in a month or so. The date is De
cember 8, so mark your calendars.

And heck, while we’re on the subject of money – it’s time to take care of your membership renewal.
Dues are now due (cute sentence), and delinquent if not received by Marie Richter by October 15. So
don’t put it off . . . write the check right now (another cute sentence). There is a renewal form in your
membership book, but since you probably don’t know where that is, I’ve attached one to this
newsletter, or if you lose the newsletter too, you can even go to our website (
and print one.

And more money news (I’m on a roll now!) – if you belong to more than one club you are eligible for a
$16 rebate from PWGA. However, your rebate form must be received by PWGA no later than September 30.
There is a rebate form in the back of the PWGA book.

I’m happy to report that the Bennett Valley Women’s Golf Club’s team qualified on July 18 for the PWGA Team Play
competition. Finals were held September 13 & 14 at Hiddenbrooke Golf Course in Vallejo. Unfortunately, our
ladies didn’t place, but we’re proud of them anyway! (You know ... “It’s an honor to be nominated ...”) And
here’s the team now (winners in our eyes) – Nancy Kennedy, Cathy Romero, Reecy Casamajor and Chris Say.

(If you’re reading the “snail mail” version of this newsletter, you’re not getting the picture – just one more

reason to sign up for having this wonderful document show up in your email inbox!)

Jan Gullarian, our “Little Miss Sunshine,” has sent cards to Sandy Kaufman who fortunately is no
longer among the walking wounded and is back on the golf course, Lyn DeWolf who has had hip
replacement surgery, Jean Montague who has had a knee replacement, and Betty Mathews who has
been feeling under “par.” While normally under par is good, not in this case. We hope to see all of you
back on the course soon. Shirley Smith is still very ill so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Please let Jan know of anyone who needs to know that we’re thinking of them.

The results are in for this year’s Club Championship: Reecy Casamajor! Once again Monica Nowak
was right there, playing her heart out, but Reecy prevailed by one stroke.

        Championship Flight Low Gross Monica Nowak

        Low Net Pat Sampson

       1st Flight Low Gross Marie Delagnes

       Low Net Sally Brasseur

       2nd Flight Low Gross Gaby Scaglia

       Low Net Candy Patocka

       3rd Flight Low Gross Marcy Murphy (yay!)

       Low Net Judy Jones

      4th Flight Low Gross Joye Benck

      Low Net Nita Van Meter


The Board discussed the possibility of having an “invitational” tournament, similar to what Rooster Run does, next October. It would be an early shotgun start, followed by lunch and prizes. We feel it could be a very successful event – we have a lovely course and think there are a lot of women who would like the opportunity to play here. But this is not something that the Board should decide – it’s a “membership” decision and it will need membership support – so please plan on being at the General Meeting on October 27 to share your input.

And speaking of the General Meeting, there are two vacancies on the Board for next year – Rules Chairman and Publicity. If you would be interested in serving, please let Sandy Kaufman know.

Until next time . . .

Marcy Murphy

P.S. Be the first on your block to read this!! To receive this via email rather than snail mail, please

email me at: and I’ll get you on the list!


There was a Board meeting on June 9 . . . unfortunately for you, I missed it, so if there were lots of little tidbits of gossip (that our Secretary was wise enough NOT to put in the copy of the minutes that she gave me), I have no clue what they are . .  but will do my best to make up some good stuff to fill this space.

The Spring Tournament is now just a memory – but the winners are probably carrying around better memories than some of the rest of us. So here’s how it came out:                          Net
    Low Net:    Reecy Casamajor    145
    1st Flight:    Pat Sampson        150
    2nd Flight:    Marie Delagnes    152
    3rd Flight:    Darlene Bath        147
    4th Flight:    Judy Jones        146
    5th Flight:    Joye Benck        148
            Nita Van Meter    148

And if that wasn’t enough fun for you, the Spring Ec is also now in the history books:
    1st Flight:    Reecy Casamajor    61
            Monica Nowak    61
    2nd Flight:    Letty House        59
    3rd Flight:    Darlene Bath        57
    4th Flight:    Judy Jones        57
    5th Flight:    Joye Benck        50

And the Two Week Best Ball winners are:                            Net
    1st Flight: Pat Sampson, Barbara Weding, Charlene Buchold, Gabby Scaglia    258
    2nd Flight: Pat Gooler, Phyllis Bogart, Judy Jones, Helen Howard            265

Bennett Valley will have a team this year in the PWGA Team Play competition: Reecy Casamajor, Nancy Kennedy, Chris Say and Kathy Romero will be carrying the banner for the good old BVWGC. Qualifying will be on July 18 – Go Team!!!

Upcoming North Bay events are August 8 at Eagle Vines (Napa), September 26 at Kennedy (Napa), and October 13 at Windsor. Check the board for information.

Welcome to our newest member: Candy Patocka, 226 Usher Drive, Windsor 95492, tel: 838-3182.

Sunshine-y Jan Gullarian reported that she sent cards to Phyllis Manning, Ellie Appleton and Shirley Smith. Ellie is back out golfing, Phyllis isn’t golfing yet but is doing well, and the last report I heard on Shirley is that she’s in ICU at Kaiser – obviously very ill. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Pick It Up!!! Here’s a tip (request? mandate?) for everyone from our Tournament Chair, Reecy. When we’re playing a 9 hole game (Odd or Even, Middle 9, Front/Back, etc.), if you reach your maximum number of shots on a hole THAT ISN’T PART OF THE 9 HOLE GAME, pick up and record your maximum number on the scorecard. This will save time for everyone, and will most certainly help to save your sanity. As long as it’s not on one of the holes that is part of “the game” for that week, you won’t be disqualified from Sweeps for picking up.

Chris Say sent me the following article because she thought the ideas expressed were wonderful – as do I, so we’re sharing it with all of you.

For the Love of the Game, by Gene Drennan, SIR Golf Chairman

    Golf as we know it is not a live or die proposition. No, it’s much more important than that.

    Having had the privilege of participating in this wonderful sport for the better part of 52 years, I have come to realize what this game means to me now more than ever. I understand that I can’t hit it as far off the tee as I once did, can’t see the ball as clearly as I did and can’t determine the line on those putts that used to be so clear, but I still love the game just as much.
    When you see older golfers on the course who don’t move as fast as they used to but still want to play with the same burning desire, the same competitiveness and the same love of the game, give them a little extra room in your heart. Remember you are just a few years from joining them, and you will be saying and doing the same things they do today.
    As in the past, we older folks still want to pay our dues both in cash and effort, but now we need to hear some encouraging words from the younger generation. Maybe it does take us a little longer to walk to the ball and a little longer to figure out our aim and distance because it seems that over the years the holes are getting a little longer. That par four that I used to reach easily with a driver and a 5-iron now seems to take a driver, 3-wood and a short chip to get on; but don’t worry, I’ll get it there.
    We still love the great outdoors, the sunshine, the smell of newly mown grass and the great camaraderie. We realize our best years of golf are behind us, but we still look forward to being out there every week, trying to make that career drive or putt.
    We don’t ask for much, just the realization that we are still important and the game still means as much or more to us now as it did in the past because we acknowledge the number of rounds left in us is no longer infinite and that the day is going to come when we will have to give it up. But please don’t rush us because just like you, we’re here for the love of the game.
    Well said, Mr. Drennan!

Until next time . . .

Marcy Murphy

P.S.     Be the first on your block to read this!! To receive this via email rather than snail mail, please email me at: and I’ll get you on the list!

“The trouble that most of us find with the modern matched sets of clubs is that they don’t really seem to know any more about the game than the old ones did.”
    —Robert Browning



Our Christmas luncheon at Legends was just lovely – Jean McVeigh has done a super job for the last few years with all

the arrangements and the door prizes. Thank you for your hard work – and, Jean, get ready to sit back and relax this

year while Sally takes over!

Congratulations go to Bev Guanella, the 2010 Most Improved Golfer. She lowered her handicap from 37 to 33 – good

going! I could use some pointers when you have a minute . . . And as if that’s not enough, I’m told that on February 10,

2011, Bev got a HOLE IN ONE! I’m thinking maybe she’s taking this whole golfing thing a little too seriously.

For anyone who is interested, there are going to be some “Senior Games” played this June in Sonoma County. Golf, of

course, is included (or I wouldn’t mention it), but also tennis, bocce, basketball, and I don’t know what else. Reecy played

in Canada several years ago and said it was a lot of fun and a great experience. The event will be June 2-5, although

golf will only be one day, June 2, at Windsor Golf Course. For all the information you could possibly want and registration

forms, go to

On March 10, 2011 we had our first Board meeting of the year – not a whole lot of business, but a few things to report to

you (mostly just to justify my existence).

While I have your attention, please get out your trusty little membership books (they’re orange for 2011, and if you were

at the Christmas luncheon you should have one – if you weren’t there, shame on you . . . and you can pick yours up at

the pro shop in the bottom drawer). Anyway, there are some date changes: The Spring Tournament has been moved up

a week – it is now scheduled for May 19 and May 26. And the PWGA Playday at Fountaingrove has been changed from

May 24 to May 23.

Other corrections for the book: Page 3 - Parliamentarian: Reecy Casamajor; Page 19 - add Kristy Carra, 6869 Oakleaf

Dr., SR 95409, Ph. #318-7860; Page 24 - JoAnn Ratekin’s address is 5555 Montgomery Dr., H205, SR 95409.

Since you have your books out anyway, please make a note that we have a new member we’d like to welcome:

Satiawatie Rangila, 122 Calistoga Road, #105, SR 95409, Ph.# 479-2141.

The deadline for sending in an “intent” to field a team for the PWGA Team Play event is April 15, so the Board agreed

that we would submit our “intent” application – and worry about finding a team later. So . . . anyone interested?

Speaking of PWGA, the 2011 PWGA books are in the same bottom drawer with those little orange devils. If you happen

to be a member of multiple clubs, it would be very wise of you to pick up one of the books – there is a form in the back

for you to submit to get your discount for multiple club memberships . . . and this is the LAST year that the discount will be

available. In order to claim your discount, forms must be submitted after March 1 and before September 30.

I don’t have any words of wisdom to pass on from our Rules guru, Pat Chace, but she did report that although there are

no rules changes for this year, there will be major changes next year – and the USGA says it will be attempting to make

the rules “friendlier.” Uh huh, right.

Health Updates: Ex-Historian extraordinaire Jacque Mielke is recovering from open heart surgery and valve

replacement – and I’m delighted to report is doing very well. And I’ve heard that Marlene Perry has been seen out on the

course at Rooster Run . . . this is really good news! Look forward to seeing both you ladies at Bennett (if it every stops

raining) before long!

If you know of any of our members who are dealing with health issues or other challenges, please let our Sunshine

Chair, Jan Gullarian, know.

And finally, those wonderful hardworking Handicap ladies Pat and Barbara are once again begging for your cooperation

– PLEASE put handicaps on the scorecards every week, no matter what kind of game we’re playing. And of course . . .

POST your CORRECT ADJUSTED score before you leave. GHIN numbers are posted on our bulletin board if you can’t

remember yours – so really, there’s no excuse NOT to do this!

Anyone for some sunshine and dry weather??

Marcy Murphy

P.S.     Be the first on your block to read this!! To receive this via email rather than snail mail, please email me at: and I’ll get you on the list!



Well, ladies, 2010 is just about over – don’t have a clue how that could be possible, but it seems that there’s not much I can do about it so guess I’ll accept what I can’t change. It certainly started out wet and soggy, but we still had some gorgeous days for a nice walk (or ride) on the course.

Our General Membership meeting was held on October 28 with election of officers for next year’s Board:
Captain: Sandy Kaufman Rules: Pat Chace
Co-Captain: Sally Brasseur Sunshine: Jan Gullarian
Treasurer: Karen Whissen Publicity: Shirley Smith
Secretary: Nancy Kennedy Historian: Judy Kilgore
Tournament: Reecy Casamajor Parliamentarian: Reecy Casamajor
Handicap: Pat Sampson Newsletter: Marcy Murphy
Barbara Weding Membership: Marie Richter
PWGA: Diane Cook North Bay: Sandy Davis

Do some of these names seem very familiar? They should – a number of these ladies have been serving on the Board for quite awhile. Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with these lovely ladies, but it would be nice if some other members would step up and take a more active role in the club.

Reecy again has asked (begged?) that members read the notices she puts on the table each week. She gives instructions for that day’s game, and also a heads-up for upcoming events. And along those lines, she asks that you please not wait until the last minute to sign up for tournaments.Read the notices on the table, pay attention to your membership booklet – all the information is there, just waiting to be read. She’s not concerned about getting the money right when you sign up – she’s mostly concerned about knowing how many ladies will be participating.
 Our final “major” of the year, The Captain’s Cup, was held in October, and the Overall Champion was Charlene Buchold, with a Net 143. Congratulations, Charlene!! Winners from each flight were as follows:
1st Flight: Chris Say 144
2nd Flight: Sandy Kaufman 149
3rd Flight: Marcy Murphy (yay!) 149
4th Flight: Lil Peterson 152
Congrats to all the winners!

And the winning just keeps on going. We had good participation for the Fall EC, with winners
for each flight being:
1st Flight: Monica Nowak 54
2nd Flight: Nancy Kennedy 55
3rd Flight: Maureen Rabellino 54
4th Flight: Marcy Murphy (yay!) 46
5th Flight: Libby Stillman 52
6th Flight: Jean McVeigh 53
7th Flight: Jean Kaiser 56

New Members: We have four new members who will be joining our ranks in 2011 – Diane Sullivan, Kathi Hack, Mary Farha and Cheri Brannon. Welcome ladies!

For the 2011 year we have 94 regular members and 7 social members.

Rules: Pay close attention to these words of wisdom from Pat Chace, our Rules Guru: “Get the new rule book next year and read the rules – and the etiquette.” Not bad advice, actually; however, rules, and especially golf rules, are extremely boring so I am hopeful that she’ll continue to give us the benefit of her knowledge – if I ask her really nicely.

Sunshine: Jan Gullarian reports that she has sent a couple cards to Marlene Perry who is recovering from cancer surgery and is now undergoing radiation, and also to Barbara Levy who has had some skin cancer surgeries. It was good to see Barbara back out on the course the week before Thanksgiving! Jan also sent a card to former member Betty Warren whose husband recently passed away – and Betty sent a very nice thank you note which is posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse by the rest of “our stuff.”

If you’re not receiving this newsletter through email and would like to, please email me and I’ll get you on the list. It’s easy . . . and saves money and resources!
Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season – and see you next year!
Marcy Murphy


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