PURPOSE: To provide for orderly and routine conduct of all activates of the Bennett Valley Women’s Golf Club.  These Standing Rules are an adjunct to the By-Laws and shall govern in all matters to which they are applicable and which are not governed by the By-Laws.

Standing Rules may be adopted, amended or rescinded without notice by a majority vote at any general membership at which not less than twenty-five percent of the entire membership is present.
SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP: For inactive alumni who would like to keep in touch with members and attend non-golfing activities. Their names will be placed in the Roster Book and they will receive up-to-date Newsletters.
MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: In addition to the general membership meetings as required by the By-Laws, the Board of Directors shall be responsible for appropriate dissemination to the membership of significant Board actions and other pertinent golf information by means of bulletins that are posted on the Club Bulletin Board.  In the event of rain on the day of the scheduled Board meeting, the location of the meeting will be at the discretion of the Captain.
FINANCES:  A balance of no more than $150.00 shall be left in General Funds at the close of each year (December 31).  No more than $50.00 shall be allowed for the retiring Captain’s gift and based upon available funds, no less than $50.00 for Christmas gifts for Pro Shop personnel.  Based on available funds, no less than $150.00 shall be allocated for the Christmas Party. (Revised October 31, 1996)


Major Tournaments: 

1) Spring Handicap – two week stroke play

2) Club Championship – two week low gross – low net    competition.

    The Champion will be low gross of the field.

    Championship flight shall be composed of two or more Competitors not competing in any other flight in the field.
Minor Tournaments:

1) Captain’s Cup shall be open to all members.  The Captain’s Cup winner will be low net of the field.
2) Guest Days: (1 Member & 1 Guest) All guests must enter sweeps if they have an established regulation USGA 18-hole handicap.  Guests without an established handicap are ineligible for any sweeps prizes.  Guests may, however, enter and be eligible to win the Closest-to-the-Hole event.

1)The insurance fund is included in the annual dues.

2) An amount of $75.00 will be awarded to any member of the club who  
makes a Hole-in-One at Bennett Valley on a Thursday playday.
$25 will be awarded to any member if the Hole-in-One is made on any other day at the Bennett Valley Golf Course. The Hole-in-One must be made during a full 18 hole round and must be verified by the signature of two witnesses.

3) Awards may not be made in cash, but will be in the form of a gift certificate or in payment of bar bills accumulated in celebration of the event.

4) There are no prescribed procedures for the manner in which a member may choose to celebrate the accomplishment of a Hole-in-One.

1) Any member of Bennett Valley WGC, who meets the following eligibility requirements, shall be considered for the MOST IMPROVED GOLFER award.  To be eligible, the player must have participated in one major tournament or ten Bennett Valley WGC paydays.

2) A GHIN printout sheet sent to the Handicap Chairman in November denotes the Most Improved Golfer based on scores from January to November and this method will be used.  Only handicaps 40 and under will be eligible.

3) The award will be made at the Christmas luncheon by the Handicap Chairman.

WINTER RULES-PREFERRED LIES: A ball lying “through the green” may be lifted and cleaned, without penalty, and placed within six inches of where it originally lay, no nearer the hole, and so as to preserve as nearly as possible the stance required to play from the original lie.  After the ball has been so placed, it is in play, and if it moves after the player has addressed it the penalty shall be one stroke. (RULE 18-2b & APPENDIX 1)  This excludes hazards and bunkers.

OUT OF BOUNDS: Defined by white stakes or fences. Penalty one stroke and loss of distance. (RULE 27)

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: Water fountains, switch boxes, bridges, cart paths, foot bridges, ball washers, rocked drains through the green, water sprinklers, valve covers, sewage line covers, water drain grills and all railroad ties (RULE 24)

STAKED TREES: If the stake and/or the tree interferes with your stance or area of intended swing, take relief in accordance with the rule (RULE 24) There is no relief from trees over six feet tall.

TREE WELLS: No free drop from tree wells around large trees in the fairway.

WATER HAZARDS: Defined by YELLOW STAKES. In front of #7 and #15 tees.
(RULE 26)

LATERAL WATER HAZARDS: Defined by RED STAKES. Left and across #1 fairway, left of #2 fairway, left of #3 fairway, behind #6 green, left of #7 fairway, left of #15 green. (RULE 26)  NOTE: In the absence of hazard stakes, the beginning of the down slope shall be considered the margin of the hazard.

GROUND UNDER REPAIR:  Ruts caused by golf carts or maintenance equipment, mounds of dirt or debris awaiting removal, any area undergoing maintenance or repair.  Free drop no closer to the hole. (RULE 25)

DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE: (STROKE PLAY ONLY):  If you find it necessary to have a ruling, play your original ball PLUS A SECOND BALL.  Announce your intention to proceed under this rule and which ball you wish to score with, if rules permit.  Upon completing the round, you MUST report the facts to the Committee before signing and returning your score card UNLESS you score the same with both balls.  If you fail to do so, you will be disqualified. (RULE 3.3)
BEES IN BUNKERS: If there are swarms of bees in a bunker, drop your ball away from the bees, within the bunker, if possible.  If not possible, drop the ball outside the bunker within two club lengths of the edge of the bunker, no closer to the hole.




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